Biglift Cranes’ 16T City & Rough Terrain Mobile Crane for Hire

What Is a Rough Terrain Crane?

A rough terrain crane is a type of mobile crane designed to be used on rough terrain areas that would otherwise make crane lifts extremely difficult. They’re built to withstand unpredictable and rough surfaces thanks to their heavy-duty wheels and high ground clearance.

Rough terrain cranes come complete with a compact frame, making them perfect for projects in tight and confined areas. You’ll also notice they have just one cab, which is used for both driving and crane operation.
Rough Terrain Crane
Cranes Pick Up Heavy Loads

What Can Rough Terrain Cranes Be Used for?

As you may have gathered by their name, rough terrain cranes are built to work on rough terrain. This means they’re ideal for work on uneven surfaces, locations without road access, and tight areas that other cranes or machinery wouldn’t be able to access.

Despite their compactness, these cranes can pick up heavy loads, transport them, and remain a powerful piece of machinery.

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Features of Our TADANO TR-160M City and Rough Terrain Crane

If you’re searching for a compact city and rough terrain crane to hire from Biglift Cranes, our TADANO TR-160M crane is the way to go. It’s the most compact of all the cranes we offer but can still lift 16T (tonnes). It boasts a four-wheel steering ability and is built to work on the toughest terrain or the smoothest of streets.

Other specifications of our rough terrain crane include:


Maximum Lift: 16T

    Main Boom: 27.5M

    Fly: 3.5M

    Outrigger: 3.2M (short), 4.4M - 4.8M (intermediate), and 5.2M (full)

      Tadano Tr-160m City and Rough Terrain Crane

      Why Should I Consider a 16T Mobile Crane for My Next Project?

      Tight and Confined Areas

      Can Access Tight and Confined Areas


      Extremely Maneuverable

      Construction worker

      Easily Operated by Our Experts


      Heavy Lifting Capability


      Quick and Easy Setup

      Rocky Road

      Perfect for Uneven or Rough Surfaces

      What You Get With Our 16T Mobile Crane Hire

      Thinking about hiring a 16T mobile crane with Biglift Cranes? Not only will you receive our 16T TADANO TR-160M city and rough terrain crane for hire, but also an expert crane operator with the experience to complete high-quality work with these machines.

      Other Types of Cranes Available

      If a 16T mobile rough terrain crane isn’t what you’re after, we have other cranes available. These include our 35T and 45T all-terrain cranes. What’s more is our experts can operate cranes up to 130T, so no project is too big for us.

      16t Mobile Crane Hire
      Expert Crane Operator With the Experience
      Expert Crane Operator With the Experience

      City and Rough Terrain Crane Hire in Sydney and Beyond

      Looking for a 16T mobile city and rough terrain crane for your next NSW construction project? We service many areas in Sydney, including:





      Contact our friendly staff to enquire about hiring our 16T mobile city and rough terrain crane. If you live in New South Wales and your location isn’t listed above, we may still be able to assist with your enquiry.

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