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What Is an All-Terrain Crane?

An all-terrain crane is a type of mobile or slewing crane that can be used on many different terrain types and in most weather conditions. All-terrain cranes can be driven on main roads and off-road, making them stand out among other types of cranes on the market.

This unique functionality makes all-terrain cranes ideal for hard-to-access areas and means you don’t have to spend time hunting down specific vehicles for your job. All-terrain cranes are almost a mix of rough terrain cranes and standard truck cranes, as they can lift and transport material.

Mobile Slewing Crane
35t crane Lifting

Why Should I Consider All-Terrain Crane Hire for My Next Project?

All-terrain cranes are some of the most versatile available, meaning they can cater to many needs and scenarios, including simple lifting or material transportation between locations. Whether it’s performing a lift on uneven ground in a rural area or transporting materials on a bustling city construction site, all-terrain cranes can help. At Biglift Cranes, we’re dedicated to finding the right crane for your needs and providing you with an unbeatable service.

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Features of Our LIEBHERR LTM 1030-2.1 All-Terrain Crane

Our Liebherr LTM 1030-2.1 is one of two all-terrain cranes available for hire. It’s the smallest of the two all-terrain cranes we offer but capable of lifting an impressive 35T (tonnes). This two-axle mobile crane provides high flexibility, making it a favourite for many customers in Sydney. It boasts a full and part ballast, as well as advanced keyhole technology that makes the crane available for speedy use.

Other specifications of this unique crane include:

Maximum Lift: 35T

    Main Boom: 30M

    Fly: 8.6M, 15M

    Outrigger: 4.328M (Intermediate) and 6.028m (Full)

      35T Mobile Crane

      Why Choose the 35T All-Terrain Crane for Your Projects?


       High Flexibility

      Part Ballast

      Full and part ballast

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      Outstanding Capabilities

      Heavy Lifting

      Ideal for Heavy Lifting

      We Offer More Than Just Crane Hire

      Planning on hiring a crane with Biglift Cranes? Not only will we dispatch a crane, but we’ll also send an experienced crane operator who’s well-trained to work with these machines.

      Other Types of Cranes Available

      If you’re looking for a crane that’s bigger or smaller than a 35T mobile all-terrain crane, we have other options available. These include our 16T city and rough terrain crane and our 45T all-terrain crane.

      Already have a crane and just need an operator? No worries. Our experts can operate cranes up to 130T. Contact us to find out more.

      Tadano TR-160M
      45 tonne all terrain cranes
      16 Tonne City and Rough Terrain Cranes for Hire

      Where Can I Hire Biglift Crane’s 35T Crane?

      Need a 35T crane for your project? No worries. We service many areas in Sydney, including:




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