City lifting – access problems and the mobile crane hire solutions


City lifting – access problems and the mobile crane hire solutions

Crane and Construction

The concrete jungle that is Sydney can be breathtaking, but with narrow accessways and congested traffic it can also turn your urban construction project into a nightmare. Fortunately, Biglift Cranes has addressed this urban concern by incorporating the compact Tadano TR-160M city crane into our mobile crane hire fleet.

A compact crane is the perfect antidote to the inner-city roadblocks that would normally restrict any kind of crane lifting plan from coming to fruition. Built to work across unpredictable surfaces, Big Lift’s Tadano crane can also be utilised as a rough terrain crane, sporting heavy duty wheels and high ground clearance. These features have a fantastic city application allowing our team of expert crane operators to mount kerbs and walkways with ease, and manoeuvre into spaces without traditional road access points.

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For a class act, make your mobile crane hire a compact

When planning your next inner-city construction project, don’t let the obstacle of tight access break your spirit. Instead, give the expert team at Biglift Cranes a call on (02) 3814 0009. With over 10 years of experience servicing projects across Sydney, we are well equipped to provide crane and rigging solutions to even the most complex job requirements. The Tadano TR-160M is a gamechanger for city lifting and our qualified crane operators handle the machinery with care, confidence, and finesse. Should you require a mobile crane with more lifting power, the friendly team at Biglift Cranes can happily accommodate you.

Slewing in rough terrain

For all its beauty, nature can present a range of obstacles that can prevent maintenance or construction work being carried out. Whether it’s an urban parkscape, botanical garden, or nature reserve, the Tadano TR-160M from Biglift Cranes can venture beyond paved roadways to perform the removal or relocation of trees and infrastructure on all manner of sloped, rocky, or uneven terrain.

Pool and spa installations and removals

In a country that can experience endless summers, pools and spas have become a common component of residential city living. When it comes to installing or removing pools and spas, a rough terrain crane is the ideal choice to ensure the job is completed with minimal risk of damage to the pool, spa, or surrounding areas. The team at Biglift Cranes have a wealth of experience with the removal and installation of aquatic structures and can confidently navigate a diverse range of residential and inner-city conditions.

Factory machinery moves

When it comes to the dismantling, removal, or installation of heavy machinery in factories and warehouses, a compact mobile crane is the perfect choice to ensure the operation is carried out with complete efficiency. With superior maneuverability and ease of access, the Tadano TR-160M can get close to the point of removal or installation and ensure precision slewing to place your equipment exactly where it needs to be.

Tight access crane lifts

The mobile city crane is an ideal choice for any city construction jobs where operating space is limited and there is no possibility of blocking roads to bring in a larger crane unit. The compact size and four-wheel drive capabilities of the Tadano TR-160M from Biglift Cranes allows it to wind its way through narrow alleys and access lanes and reach even the most restricted of job sites. Easily Big Lift’s most popular mobile crane hire option, the Tadano TR-160M - aside from its tight access potential - also boasts a surprisingly high reach with a 27.5 metre main boom and a 16-tonne lift capacity.

Projects where compact is king

Compact mobile cranes have a variety of project applications where their space saving versatility and easy set-up can see them outperform their more robust crane counterparts. As one of Sydney’s leading mobile crane hire companies, Biglift Cranes have highlighted a few tasks where the Tadano rough terrain crane reigns supreme.

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