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Why it is beneficial to hire a mobile crane for all your heavy lifting

Crane and Construction

Cranes form an essential part of the modern construction industry where heavy lifting, more often than not, is a guaranteed requirement.

Whether it is for a multi-storey development, loading or unloading goods, or even relocating factory machinery, cranes make light work of heavy lifts. But cranes can also be a costly investment for many construction companies and incorporating one into a fleet is not always a viable option.

Fortunately, mobile crane hire companies like Biglift Cranes can supply you with the necessary machinery to accomplish a variety of projects and, as you will see, the benefits are wide ranging.

Lifting your project to the next level

If you have an upcoming project that is going to require some capacity of heavy lifting, save yourself the hassle of acquiring and maintaining your own mobile crane – do the smart thing and outsource it instead. With over 10 years of industry expertise, Biglift Cranes are well equipped to meet your project’s lifting requirements and can provide an end-to-end service with a quality result. To find out more information about our mobile crane services contact Biglift Cranes on (02) 3814 0009

Increased safety

Site safety is of paramount importance right across the construction industry, and that focus on safety is no different when it comes to mobile crane hire companies. Most providers, including Biglift Cranes, utilise an in-house professional team to operate their crane rentals. By hiring qualified operators, you can be assured that they have received expert training and can handle the equipment following manufacturer and safety guidelines ensuring minimal risk to themselves and everyone on site.

Minimised costs

The expense associated with purchasing a mobile crane doesn’t stop once payment for the machine has been completed. Insurance, inspections, ongoing maintenance, and running costs can stack up and you might even need to acquire additional space to house the crane between projects. Enlisting the services of a mobile crane provider is just a fraction of the cost when compared to purchasing a crane, and you can rest assured that the machinery provided is well maintained with adequate insurance. Should any issues arise with the crane’s performance, it can be replaced without you incurring any additional costs.


Mobile crane hire from a leading supplier like Biglift Cranes, can provide you with a range of flexible options. Having access to a variety of crane types allows you to pick and choose the piece of machinery that will be best suited to the project at hand. When the crane is no longer required you get the luxury of simply returning it. Should the lifting requirements change during the course of the project, you also have the option to change the crane for something else within the company’s available fleet.


With numerous leading manufacturers in the market, technological advances can occur on a yearly basis. As such, purchasing your own crane can see a fast depreciation of your investment. Outsourcing your mobile crane hire requirements will allow you to always have access to the latest industry leading crane technology. Reputable crane providers like Biglift Cranes generally retain modern fleets and will ensure their equipment has the latest performance advances to provide the best possible service to clients.

Tight access crane lifts

Incorporating a mobile crane hire into your project fleet can help to increase efficiency in relation to overall completion timelines. A mobile crane can carry out all the heavy lifting across the site, minimising the need for multiple trucks and labour to load, transit, and unload large quantities of materials.

The advantages of using a mobile crane hire service

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