Rough-terrain vs all-terrain cranes - which mobile crane is best for you?


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Biglift Cranes offers a wide array of mobile rough-terrain cranes and all-terrain cranes that will prove beneficial to your project. There is no real competition when it comes to these two, but there are considerations you will need to make when choosing which crane to use. Without appropriate equipment, you may experience setbacks and unexpected project standstills. Considering the weight of these decisions, let’s take a look at the benefits and differences between rough-terrain cranes and all-terrain cranes.

All-terrain cranes are all-rounders. They can traverse uneven landscapes with ease, from smooth tar roads to uneven construction sites and building sand. The all-terrain crane does not falter: these mobile cranes can handle the unpredictable surfaces of construction sites as well as bad weather conditions all around Sydney. Because they can be driven on main roads, you won’t have to overthink how best to transport them. Biglift’s Liebherr LTM 1045-3.1 and Liebherr LTM 1030-2.1 cranes are all-terrain type cranes available for hire.

What are all-terrain cranes?

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When choosing what's best for your construction projects, it’s vital to pick the correct crane for the correct task. Both mobile cranes are suitable for many jobs, but you will have to consider what terrain they will be working on. Biglift is here to help when it comes to choosing the best mobile crane for the job. Contact our knowledgeable and friendly team at (02) 3814 0009. Our experience hiring out all-terrain and rough-terrain cranes across Sydney for various types of projects will ensure that we can meet your needs.

What to consider when choosing a crane

Rather than choosing which is the better of the two types of cranes, it is more important to consider which crane will best suit the project you’re working on. Rough-terrain cranes can’t lift loads as heavy as all-terrain cranes can. However, rough-terrain cranes are lighter and more stable. All-terrain cranes may not be able to handle especially irregular or spiked terrain, but they handle more terrain types in general. Each crane has strong suits in certain terrain environments. It’s best to consider the following when choosing between rough-terrain and all-terrain cranes:
How would the crane be transported?
What is the overall terrain like in the operational space?
How large is the space the crane will operate within?
How heavy is the load weight?

The difference between ‘rough-terrain’ and ‘all-terrain’

You may be asking yourself, isn’t rough-terrain included in ‘all-terrain’? Not exactly. While the all-terrain crane is designed for various environments, it does not have the same reinforced operation of a rough-terrain crane. All-terrain cranes lack some of the off-road capabilities that rough-terrain cranes boast, especially in rugged environments. Simply put, all-terrain cranes can traverse over some rough-terrain, but you may find a rough-terrain crane handles the work better with its thicker wheels and higher base. Rough-terrain cranes generally are less adaptable than all-terrain cranes when it comes to transportation.

What are rough-terrain cranes?

Rough-terrain cranes are (quite literally) built different. If you need assurance that a crane will hold strong over complex or difficult landscapes, the rough-terrain crane will rise to the occasion. They are capable of off-road work with heavy duty wheels for stability and a compact frame for tight areas. The power-steering and all-wheel drive abilities of rough-terrain cranes also make them easier to operate, having fewer wheels than all-terrain cranes and a higher ground clearance. However, these cranes cannot be driven on main roads. The TADANO TR-160M that we offer for hire at Biglift is a rough-terrain type crane.

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